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Outreach: How to Prepare for an OSHA Inspection

Join us for our May Safety Seminar on May 16th, featuring John Crawmer, CHST, CET, STS – Safety Services Supervisor, Pinnacol Assurance This session will provide actionable and applicable steps employers can take when preparing for an OSHA inspection.  The … Continue Reading

Transportation Safety Seminar

Don’t miss your opportunity to attend the CMCA, Pinnacol Assurance & Flood and Peterson Transportation Safety Seminar Sleeping Study – Connecting the ZZZ’s & Normalization of Deviance Thursday, June 13, 20198:30AM – 12:00PM 8:30AM Check-In (Pastries & Coffee will be served)9:00AM Sleeping Study – … Continue Reading

Personal Connect: March 2019

Inside this edition of theF&P Personal Connect: March 2019 2. 4 tips for safe, healthy travel abroad3. Flood and Peterson Highlight4. Want to Enjoy Your Marriage? Start by Protecting Your Wedding Day5. Prepare for Spring5. Save the Date: 22nd Annual Flood … Continue Reading

Risk Resource Quarterly: March 2019

Inside this edition of theRisk Resource Quarterly: March 2019 2. OSHA Forms Alliance with Agribusiness Organizations to Protect Workers2. Sixth Annual National Stand-Down to Prevent Falls3. Employee Use of Personal Vehicles4. OSHA Issues Instruction on Enforcement of Crane Operator Certification Requirement4. … Continue Reading

Outreach: Workplace Violence

Join us for our Workplace Violence Outreach on March 19th, featuring Tina Harkness, Esq., SPHR. This session will provide practical information for recognizing and addressing threats, domestic violence, bullying, suicide, and the behaviors that generally precede violence in the workplace. … Continue Reading