September Risk Control Outreach
August 27, 2021

Join us virtually for our September Risk Control Outreach: Industrial Ergonomics on Thursday, September 9th!

8:30 am - 9:45 am: Presentation
9:45 am - 10:00 am: Questions and Answers

Industrial Ergonomics: Guidelines for Lifting and Moving Materials to Prevent Injury

If you work in an industrial setting such as manufacturing, warehousing, construction, or food processing, this course is for you. Did you know that each year, strains are the leading cause of industrial injuries and are responsible for 24% of Pinnacol’s claims? Strains due to lifting cost almost $40 million annually. This course will demonstrate how to use ergonomic principles to reduce employee risk and prevent common lifting injuries. Take valuable tools back to your workplace, including:

• How to identify six key manual material handling workplace risk factors for MSDs
• How work positioners, material handling aids, and lifting techniques can be used to mitigate risk
• How to apply ergonomic design principles to create safer lifting and moving material tasks
• How to use a checklist to identify high-risk tasks when lifting and pushing/pulling

This outreach is approved for Pinnacol Safety Group Training credit.