Helping Protect Non-Profits With Expert Insurance Services

We’ve worked with non-profit organizations for more than 80 years. That long partnership has earned us the trust of this industry. It’s also enabled us to amass invaluable knowledge about the insurance needs that Human Services/Non-Profits have and how best to meet them. Our team of non-profit experts leverage those insights to develop customized insurance program solutions for each of our non-profit clients.

As a non-profit, your organization may face a number of common challenges including limited funding, compliance requirements, attracting and retaining quality employees, healthcare reform and, in general, trying to stay current in a rapidly changing field. We work hand-in-hand with you to help you tackle these challenges in a way that enables your organization to grow and thrive.

That includes things like risk reduction solutions such as safety audits, building valuations, and environmental hazard identification to create safe work environments and improve operational efficiency.

Dedicated Services and Expertise for Human Services/Non-Profits

The non-profits we assist rely on us for our:

Proven ability to meet current and future needs as the organization grows

Renowned Risk Reduction Approach™

Flexible program designs to address frequently changing insurance requirements

Broad industry expertise

Effective risk financing and funding solutions

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Holistic strategies for risk control and claims management

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Insurance solutions focused on outdoor and recreational pursuits, child care, nursing services, housing, non-profit executive liability and liability for special activities