Whitney Shupe | 2021 Notable Women in Insurance Nominee
December 17, 2021

Whitney Shupe, Chief Operating Officer, is a 2021 BizWest Notable Women in Insurance Nominee.

“Whitney [Shupe] has made a significant impact not only within our company but within the industry as a whole. Whitney has spearheaded many recent initiatives including updating our hiring and onboarding processes and creating a performance-based incentive program. This has increased employee satisfaction as well as improving our turnover rate,” said Sabrina Nowling, Director of Marketing and Communications for Flood and Peterson. “Whitney has strategically driven F&P to integrate technology to enhance the client experience and improve operational efficiency. She has implemented a standardized and digitized proposal mechanism, which has increased efficiency and provided
a more uniform client experience. Most recently she has led us through a conversion to a cloud-based environment to transform and achieve greater growth. This has allowed us to minimize our upfront IT costs and allows our applications to run faster with improved manageability and less maintenance. “Whitney is most proud of her role in creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce. She has assisted in diversifying our leadership team and board while simultaneously closing the gender pay gap; this has led to a 15% improvement in employee retention and a greater sense of inclusivity within the organization.
“Most importantly, Whitney serves as a true mentor in our company, which has allowed other women to excel. Whitney’s leadership style and abilities as a one-on-one collaborative coach have allowed our employees to become more efficient, become better leaders and have truly impacted the F&P culture in a positive way,” Nowling said. Shupe also participates in charity events including the Women’s Foundation as a PEP member, Stout Street Foundation, Thirst, Precious Child and the Food Bank. She is a financial sponsor for One Colorado, Shiloh Home, Restore Innocence and the Weld County Food Bank. “Her focus in these endeavors is to bring support to women and children, at-risk youth, drug and alcohol treatment and at-risk LGBTQ,” Nowling said.

Congratulations, Whitney!

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