Providing Expert Insurance Services to Energy Clients of All Kinds

As a company that has worked with energy-focused organizations—upstream, midstream and downstream operations, along with oilfield services—for more than 80 years, we understand the unique challenges they face. The insurance risk services we provide to these companies are highly effective as a result.

Energy operations also benefit from our long history of working closely with insurance and underwriting markets worldwide. We use this experience and our industry connections to develop insurance strategies that address the unique requirements of a wide range of industries, including ethanol production, underground and surface mining, energy operations in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska, and hydraulic fracturing throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

Trusted by Energy Organizations of All Kinds

We work with many types of energy companies, such as:

  • Operators and non-operators
  • Drilling contractors
  • Well service contractors
  • Casing contractors
  • Roustabouts
  • Bio-fuel and renewable energy companies
  • Electrical contractors
  • Site preparation contractors
  • Refineries
  • Pipeline companies
  • Midstream operations companies (e.g., gas processing and storage)
  • Water haulers
  • Independent power producers
  • Gas and electric utilities
  • Underground mining
  • Surface mining
  • Frac sand mining

We make obtaining insurance coverage and controlling costs easy for these companies with personalized account management and expert risk management services.

Specific competencies and areas of expertise include:

Proprietary Risk Reduction Approach

Flexibility and capacity

Ability to create and adapt to address
ever-changing needs

Broad industry and market knowledge

Risk financing and funding solutions

Integration of Risk Control and Claims Management