Stay Safe during the long Colorado Winter
June 22, 2017

For most Coloradoans, we understand that this time of year can bring extremely cold and snowy weather conditions throughout the winter months. It is important to be prepared for severe weather at work, home and on the road. Frozen water pipes can burst and lead to flooding in a basement or main level of a home. A severe winter storm can be hazardous for work conditions and can strand an individual on the road.

Below are a few winter weather tips to keep you safe and warm the season:

  • Walk carefully & cautiously. Wearing proper non-slip footwear can help prevent a slip or fall.
  • Remove debris from gutters, drain and disconnect hoses and turn off outside water valves.
  • Winterize vehicle(s). Ensure tires have enough tread, top off all necessary fluids and store an emergency roadside kit in trunk, containing: blanket, gloves, bottled water, flashlight, small shovel and cell phone charger.

Jamie May, CIC, Risk Advisor