Serving the Trucking and Transportation Industry Trucking and transportation are critical components of the U.S. economy. Companies in this industry face unique risks and must comply with complex and continually changing state and federal regulations. That’s why they turn to … Continue Reading

Real Estate

Supporting Real Estate Professionals With Essential Insurance Services It’s more challenging than ever to be a real estate developer, contractor, property owner or property manager. In particular, there are many barriers to developing commercial, industrial and multi-family projects. Construction defect … Continue Reading

Human Services and Non-Profit

Helping Protect Human Services/Non-Profits With Expert Insurance Services We’ve worked with Human Services/Non-Profits organizations for more than 80 years. That long partnership has earned us the trust of this industry. It’s also enabled us to amass invaluable knowledge about the … Continue Reading


Advising the Hospitality & Gaming Industry on Insurance Strategies We’ve advised the hospitality and gaming industry for more than 80 years. That experience means we understand and can anticipate the issues you face—issues that differ in many ways from those … Continue Reading

Financial Institutions

Providing Financial Institutions Insurance to Exceptional Companies Financial institutions insurance must take into account the multitude of regulatory and management litigation risks these companies face. Every day, directors and officers make decisions related to lending practices, corporate governance and regulatory … Continue Reading


Providing Expert Insurance Services to Educational Organizations Educational institutions strive to provide safe and secure learning environments for their students and staff. In these times of decreased funding, rising operational costs, increasing safety and security risks, and growing concerns for … Continue Reading


Partnering to Protect Technology and Life Science Companies Technology and the life sciences are areas that are always evolving. As a result, the risks that businesses in these sectors face are continually changing, as well. Maintaining proper protection requires the … Continue Reading

Public Sector

Providing Public Sector Entities With Insurance Risk Services for Over 80 Years If there’s one thing school districts, colleges and universities, towns and cities, health and human services organizations, and water and sanitation districts demand from an insurance risk services … Continue Reading


Addressing the Insurance Needs of a Wide Range of Manufacturing Clients We partner with manufacturing clients of all kinds. Our experienced manufacturing industry specialists ensure that each client has best-in-class insurance and risk management strategies in place in order to … Continue Reading


Assisting Hospitals, Clinics and Other Care Providers With Insurance Risk Services Medical malpractice insurance is an important asset to any hospital, clinic, physician, surgeon or other healthcare provider. Today’s litigious culture greatly increases the likelihood that care-focused organizations and individuals … Continue Reading