Over 75 years of Experience Providing Risk Management and Insurance Services to Non-profit Organizations


With over 75 years of experience providing risk management and insurance services to non-profit organizations, Flood and Peterson understands the specific needs of this dynamic industry. Through our experience, we have gathered invaluable knowledge, assembled best in class expertise and resources, and developed customized insurance program solutions with the sole focus of helping our clients grow and meet their organizational and mission objectives.

We understand that that every non-profit organization has unique challenges and needs. These challenges include limited funding, compliance requirements, attracting and obtaining quality employees, healthcare reform and medicaid and staying up to date on a continually changing industry atmosphere.

The experts at Flood and Peterson provide our non-profit clients with risk reduction solutions such as safety audits, building valuations, and environmental hazard identification to help create safe work environments and improve operational efficiency.


  • Proprietary Risk Reduction Approach
  • Flexibility and capacity (locally, nationally and internationally) to meet current and future needs as the business grows
  • Ability to create and adapt program design to address ever-changing needs
  • Broad industry and market knowledge
  • Risk financing and funding solutions
  • Integration of Risk Control and Claims Management
  • Outdoor and recreation
  • Child care
  • Nursing services
  • Housing
  • Executive liability
  • Liability for special activities

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