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Today, the agribusiness industry is growing and changing as it extends well beyond the traditional scope of farming and ranching. Many of today’s growing operations face a variety of other commercial exposures including transportation, processing, manufacturing and packaging products. The increased exposures of agribusiness are not typically addressed by traditional insurance products, but our team of experts is on the forefront of these evolving needs. In fact, we are a designated insurance broker partnering with a number of agricultural industry associations operating on behalf of their members.

Our award-winning team of dedicated agribusiness experts has been recognized numerous times by our insurance carrier partners for our dedication to client service. We understand and anticipate the issues that our agribusiness clients face – in the field, in the office and from external forces. Flood and Peterson partners with clients locally, nationally and internationally to help them manage their strategic, business and hazard risks. Specific competencies and areas of expertise include:

  • Proprietary Risk Reduction Approach

  • Understanding and monitoring of the ever-changing agribusiness regulatory environment

  • Liability exposure

  • Awareness and understanding of volatile agricultural markets

  • Flexibility and capacity (locally, nationally and internationally) to meet current and future needs as the business grows

  • Ability to create and adapt program design to address ever-changing needs

  • Integration of Risk Control and Claims Management