Keynote & Breakout Sessions: 22nd Annual Flood and Peterson Symposium
September 19, 2019

Friday, October 18, 2019
8:00AM – 3:30PM
Embassy Suites
4705 Clydesdale Pkwy, Loveland, CO 80538

Keynote Presentation:

Seth Denson, GDP Advisors | Burning Matches or Build the Inferno…It’s a Choice
Most professionals experience both times of fulfillment as well as times of burnout. Throughout his career, Seth Denson has built numerous successful businesses, but has also experienced failure as well. It is through his experiences that he has developed a powerful process that has driven results not only in his business life, but in his personal life as well. In this discussion, Seth will outline: building a plan of success, personal development, time management, and execution. This will be an impactful session of learning how leaders should not just burn matches in performance, but create an inferno of great results!

Breakout Session 1:

Evan Eakin, Elevate Services Group | Preparing for When
Organizations will find that they can increase return on investment of their information security program if they approach their program like they would other functions of their business: Sales, Operations, Employee Engagement, etc. and observing the 7 conditions of activating and enabling change. “Preparing for When” will ground you in the business impact and equip you with helpful a framework for addressing the reality of the modern cyber threat.

Misty Baker, BenefitMall | 2019 Healthcare Legislative Update
This breakout session will take a look back at the healthcare legislation that was introduced and what was passed in 2019. The discussion will also take a glance into what to expect and what is being considered for 2020 healthcare legislation.

Ryan Byers, Front Range Compliance | Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse-Department of Transportation
In this session, Ryan will dive in to what to expect when the FMCSA Commercial Driver’s License Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse goes into effect. The Clearinghouse is expected to improve highway safety by identifying drivers who are not legally permitted due to violations with drug and alcohol policy.

Breakout Session 2:

Ben Zitek and Jared Northup, Humanex | Maximizing Your Workplace Culture — How Leaders Influence Change
In this interactive breakout session, you will learn how leaders can proactively influence positive change in workplace culture.

Joe Newhouse and John Crawmer, Pinnacol | Normalization of Deviance
Sometimes risky behavior doesn’t feel so risky once it becomes a habit. Vital safety protocols such as wearing PPE, tying off, using an assistance device to lift or avoiding the phone while behind the wheel get lost among demanding job outcomes. Over time, these practices become patterns and dangerous behavior becomes the norm. Risk managers call this behavior the “normalization of deviance,” and when it happens in the workplace, it can have catastrophic consequences. In this advanced-level course, you’ll be introduced to this safety concept, and you’ll learn to identify and mitigate the risky habits and shortcuts that might be infiltrating your company’s operations. This will help bridge the gaps between recognition, risk control, and implementation in the workplace.

Seth Denson, GDP Advisors | Taking Control–Managing the Healthcare Supply Chain
The US healthcare system continues to become more complex while options within the traditional marketplace continue to worsen. To combat this, employers must take a more business-like approach to managing expenditures or be destined to stay in the vicous cycle they find themselves in today.
In Taking Control, we will reveal strategies to identify cost drivers, quantify them, and prioritize solutions to them. These proven strategies offer employers the ability to manage their own specific “supply chain” all the while curbing year over year volatility and improving the bottom line.

Breakout Session 3:

Michele Sturgell, Employers Council | Workplace Investigation
This session will focus on the appropriate way to respond to any kind of complaint and what complaints necessitate an investigation under the law. The discussion will also review precautionary measures, interview ordering, and how to obtain evidence and a brief discussion regarding questioning strategies and how to document interviews.

Pat Miller, Sherman & Howard | OSHA Inspections-A Practical Perspective
Stay up to date with OSHA. Learn about new standards and policies, inspections, initiatives, and compliance assistance. This session is intended to help employers, workers, and others as they strive to improve workplace health and safety.

Jason Speer, Milliman | 2019 Flood and Peterson Benchmarking Workshop
Experience benchmarking in a brand new way by accessing your customized results from the survey in real-time using interactive tablets. Explore the opportunity to ask questions in a collaborative setting alongside your peers.
*This session is intended for companies that employ 50 or more employees. If you register for this session, please contact for a link to fill out information prior to the Symposium.

For more information, please contact:

Emily Heckel, Marketing Coordinator