June 13, 2019

Personal Connect: June 2019

Inside this edition of the F&P Personal Connect: June 2019 2. Distracted Driving & the Importance of an Umbrella Policy 3. Tips for Preventing Heat-Related Illness 4. 9 Top Summer Driving Risks for Teenagers 5. Summer Weather: Tornado Facts and Safety 6. Save the Date:… Continue Reading Personal Connect: June 2019
March 25, 2019

Personal Connect: March 2019

Inside this edition of the F&P Personal Connect: March 2019 2. 4 tips for safe, healthy travel abroad 3. Flood and Peterson Highlight 4. Want to Enjoy Your Marriage? Start by Protecting Your Wedding Day 5. Prepare for Spring 5. Save the Date: 22nd Annual… Continue Reading Personal Connect: March 2019
December 7, 2018

Personal Connect: December 2018

Inside this edition of the F&P Personal Connect: December 2018 2. Welcome. Introducing our newest team members! 3. Consumer Advisory: Drones and Insurance 5. 10 ways to protect your home against cold weather 6. Congratulations Marilyn Nagle! 7. Put a Freeze on Winter Holiday Fires