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Educational institutions strive to provide safe and secure learning environments for their students and staff. In these times of decreased funding, rising operational costs, increasing safety and security concerns and increasing concerns for employee health and welfare, it is becoming more and more difficult to achieve these fundamental goals. This is why Flood and Peterson’s 75+ years of experience in insurance and risk management makes a difference.

Our team of dedicated education experts have extensive experience in addressing the unique and ever-changing needs of educational institutions. By utilizing a team approach and partnering with campus staff, we actively engage in the preparation, planning and execution of strategic risk management plans. By protecting their budget through innovative safety programs and proactive claims management, our clients experience a reduction in their overall total cost of risk.

Specific competencies and areas of expertise include:

  • Proprietary Risk Reduction Approach
  • Proprietary Risk Reduction Approach
  • Flexibility and capacity (locally, nationally and internationally) to meet your current and future needs as the business grows
  • Ability to create and adapt program design to address ever-changing needs

  • Broad industry and market knowledge

  • Risk financing and funding solutions

  • Integration of Risk Control and Claims Management