Rusty Lear, EVP


Rusty is an Executive Vice President for Flood and Peterson.  He is an owner and a member of the Board of Directors.  Rusty is also the Director of Flood and Peterson’s Surety Division; he is responsible for adherence to best practices in representing our construction clients and surety partners.

Rusty has 28 years of experience in the construction surety industry, including 19 years in various management and surety underwriting positions in multiple locations with a top 5 national surety company. He has extensive experience in strategic planning with respect to construction and business risk, and surety program development.

Rusty received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Science and Finance from Kansas State University.

Rusty is a past Board of Director of AGC/Colorado, and past President of AGC/Colorado Associate Council Board. He also is a past board member and officer of Professionals for Colorado Construction Council. He is active and serves in leadership positions for various non-profits in the Denver metro area.